On the job, we can easily run into problems when we have to work with someone who has a different personality type.

This happened with a new manager.  There was no doubt that he was an Extravert...and that his team was full of Introverts.  While he was very expressive, they tended to be reserved. 

Small talk came easy to him. 

So it was frustrating when they seemed to be so quiet and private.

When he wanted to just drop by and chat in person he was surprised.  Some of them said that they didn't like being interrupted-- and even suggested he could just send a memo or an email. 

In meetings he would act first and think out loud.....while his team would quietly reflect and then talk.

One month on the job, he knew he just didn't fit in.

And he felt he didn't have what it would take to lead.

His team was unproductive....and communication was at a stand still.

He thought the best thing would be to  quit.

But before changing jobs, he  decided to find out more about his own personality style....and how it seemed to be so different from everyone else on the team.

He was curious to find out what it was like to be an Introvert... when your boss is an Extravert.

Through coaching, he learned to be more aware of the differences...and the strengths....both Introverts and Extraverts bring to team projects.

And he learned how to be more flexible in his management style.



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