"I can't  talk to her....she just gets defensive!"

A senior sales manager was fed up. No matter what she said to an employee, it would just get their back up and they wouldn't listen:

"I've tried talking to her about the recent work on the files....and she just gets defensive!"

Being assertive on the job can be hard. As a manager, or a team member, we need to be confident in making co-workers aware of how their behaviour is affecting us ...or others.  We need to give direction and advice on what an employee needs to do differently.  And, we want to make sure that our opinions and feelings are being taken into consideration.

Being assertive is not  just a conversation. 

Being assertive is not when you simply react and tell people what you think of them... or what they've done.

Being assertive is looking at the issue,

not the person,

as the problem--and working together to find a solution.

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