Last month I started working with a new manager who was frustrated with his boss. "She's a stickler for details", he explained. 

Working in media, he had been used to relying on his intuition and insights.  He saw his strengths as being creative and innovative.  He liked using analogies, and personal stories, to get his message across.

His new boss, however, criticized his last presentation.  She said it lacked focus and wasn't clear.  Although he showed lots of enthusiasm for his ideas, they were getting lost in all his ramblings.

Several other people, including potential clients, had mentioned that he was was vague and idealistic.  And, when they asked for more specific details, he just got defensive. 

Through coaching, he got a better sense of how he was coming across--and the impact of his communication style.   He learned not to get his back up when they asked questions.  Instead of just hearing criticism, he took note of the specific areas in which he needed to be more clear.   And he learned to adapt his style for the next presentation, so that his ideas would be respected and heard.


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