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Martha Dove & Associates Services include:

Career Counselling

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ Assessments

Job Coaching


One-on-one counselling with Martha will help you define your career needs, gain new perspectives on issues affecting their realization and develop a plan that is realistic for you to act on. Individual counselling is an excellent context in which to learn about personality dynamics that may stand in your way and an appropriate place to deal with issues that are emotional. With Martha, you can role play solutions, practice tactics and develop the confidence to deal with situations so that they resolve in your favour - whether that means landing a new position or resolving a conflict. Recognizing that this work is often best accomplished on personal time, Martha is available for appointments before and after work -in person or by phone.


While we each have a unique personality, we also fit into a personality type. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™) is a process that identifies personality types and preferences.. Through an MBTI™ assessment you broaden your understanding of yourself--and others.  You discover your strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to improve communications and teamwork, reduce stress and manage your career better. The results: more productive meetings, less interpersonal conflict, increased job satisfaction, and successful career transitions and advancement.

MBTI™ is most effective when used in conjunction with counselling or coaching so that the theory and concepts are appropriately integrated into both personal and professional lives. Martha Dove is qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ test and interpret the results. If you have had MBTI™ administered in a group situation with little follow-up, Martha will help you verify your MBTI™ type, understand its meaning and discover how it affects issues related to your current job and career goals.

MBTI assessments can help you:

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In contrast to counselling which delves into personal issues and the past, coaching tends to be more structured and focused on the future. In coaching sessions you will explore the gap between what is happening and what you want to happen. You will look at the specifics of career advancement, effective communications, how to run successful meetings, improving creative decision making-- whatever is important to you.

Unlike talking with a friend, family member, co-worker or HR manager, working with Martha is guaranteed confidential. Her support of you contains no hidden agenda and is based on real expertise and extensive experience. In person or over the phone, Martha will help you clearly define obstacles, opportunities, goals and a realistic plan. An MBTI™ assessment may be a part of the process-- and you have the option of ongoing sessions to evaluate and encourage progress.