Feedback at Work:  Giving Clear Messages

Listen to Martha, in conversation with Anne Carbert, talk about how to deal

with your boss--when you're getting mixed messages about your work performance.

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Showing Empathy Just Feels Phony!

Last month I started work with a senior manager at a computer software company.  He had taken several courses in "active listening" and "paraphrasing", but still felt he wasn't coming across as being genuine:

"Trying to show empathy just feels phony".

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What's Wrong with Getting Angry!

Giving feedback is an important part of daily work life.  Ideally it's supportive and constructive.  But, when the message isn't clear--or comes across as a personal criticism--it can lead to conflict.

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She's A Stickler for Details!

Last month I started working with a new manager who was frustrated with his boss.  "She's a stickler for details", he explained...His new boss, however, criticized his last presentation.  She said it lacked focus and wasn't clear.

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Help!  My Team is Full of Introverts!

On the job, we can easily run into problems when we have to work with someone who has a different personality type. 

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She Just Gets Defensive!

"I can't talk to her...she just gets defensive!"  A senior sales manager was fed up.

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I've Had it With This Job!

"I can't stand my work!"  "I'm sick of this job!"  "I'm ready for a career change!"

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I'm Juggling Too Much!

Do you have enough balance in your life?

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I Can't Stop Him from  Talking!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in one of those meetings with a co-worker who just won't stop talking?

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